Elements Introduction into the builder:

In the element section, all the features are listed on the left-hand side Drag the required component in the center place and edit its properties. Click on the edit element, and the properties list will be displayed on the right-hand side. Edit the properties as required.

  • Auto fetch: Autofetch is a property used to bring data from other forms and fill the data in an element of the current form. Its applied on the change of the primary element, we assigned.

Suppose there are two forms 1: Student Form 2:School Form.

Student form has elements:

1:Student Name.

2: Address.

3: gender.

4: Student School Register Number.

5: Student School Name.

School Form has elements:

1: School Register Number

2: School Name

While applying auto fetch, we have to remember the common factor present in our current form and the form we are going to fetch data from. Based on that common factor only, we can fetch data..

In our example, our common factor between student form and school form is school register number and school name. Here we will fetch the school name from the school form into the student form. This means on the change of student school register number element of the student form; our auto fetch will be initiated.

There are a few steps for automatically fetching the data for any element. Here we will follow the steps for our example.

Steps for auto fetch :

Step 1:

  • We first set the Student School Register Number as the Primary element in the property section of that element.

Step 2:

  • Then open the property window of the element you want to fetch data automatically.

  • Here we open the property section of the student school name element and select the "Yes" option for auto fetch property.

Step 3:

  • A new window will popup, which contains the elements like

  • From Table: In this section, select the form name from which we want to fetch data; here, we will choose the School form.

  • Select Column: In this section, we will select the element name of the school form from which we want to fetch data; here, we will choose the School Name element of the School Form.

  • Where Column: We have to select the column name from the form we want to fetch data, which we will compare from the current state primary element. Here in school, the column we want to compare is the School Register Number from the Primary component of the student form, which is the Student School Register Number.

  • Value Primary element: In this section, we will select the primary element of the current working form on the change of which our auto fetch will initiate. Here we will select the Student School Register Number.

We can set the Primary element property to more than one element in every form.

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