What is Report?

The Reports is the section where you will get all data reports in a tabular format related to the forms, you have created.

After clicking on the Reports on the home page, you will be redirected to the reports section, Where you will see a list of reports.

In the report list on each report, you will see the following things:

  • A clickable report name- The name, user gives while creating the form, will be show in the report format. Go to form section for creating a ne form. On click of the report name, you will be redirected to that relevant form section, on clicking the report name.

  • The form type i.e. simple grid etc. will be indicated by a label.

  • A view report icon will redirect you to the report section. (same as after clicking on report name)

  • An 'ADD ENTRY' icon will redirect us to the section where we can fill form related to that report and add a new entry (new row of data) to the report.

With the Report list, you will also see the following:

  • Type: This is a dropdown, in which you will select Form type of report you want to see.

  • Category: This helps you to find forms, based on the categories under which they are stored. After selecting the category, you will see the report related to that category only.

  • Search Bar: This helps you find/search reports by report name.

After getting into the particular form report section, You will see the list of the menus, already built-in Menu Builder on the left side. You will see the report table on the right side, which contains the form element name, you gave while creating forms as a header in the report table.

  • Edit: You can edit the value present in each row by selecting a row and clicking on the edit button.

  • Delete: Using this button, you can delete a report table entry. You can select single as well as multiple-row at the same time.

  • Export: If you want to export the report, you can export it by clicking on the export. You can export the report into two formats 1: CSV Format and 2: PDF Format.

  • Select Template:

  • We use templates to show the report data in a specific format. You can create templates using the "template builder" feature and apply them to any form you want.

  • For applying the template, you have to select the row on which you want to apply a template.

  • Now go to 'SELECT TEMPLATE' option and select the template you want to apply, and click print.

You can not apply a single template to the multiple forms, but you can apply multiple templates to a single form.

  • Columns: Using this option, You can choose if you want to hide or show any columns present on your report table.

  • Clear Filters: You can apply filters on each column in the report table. When you go to the report heading section, you will see an icon using which you can apply a filter. If you want to clear those filters, you can use the clear filters option.

  • Filters: Suppose you apply some filter to any column and you don't want to use it now, but in the future, then you can save that filter by giving any name you want, and that filter will get added to the list format. So just by clicking on that filter you just saved, you can apply it again.

To add a new entry to the report table, just click on the "Add New" button present on the right side. After clicking it, you will be redirected to the form you created in the form builder, and from that, you will add a new entry.

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