Checkbox elements description:

In the elements builder section, each and every component are displayed on the left side of the element pages. Drag the required components to the center of the workplace. Click on the edit element, and the properties list will be displayed on the right side of the builder. Edit the properties as required. Refer to the below list for properties of the elements.

Properties of the elements:

Reference ID- It is a unique id that will be created automatically when a new element is created.

Name: Here we write the name for the element.

Help Text: In help text, we write short information about that element, and quick information will be shown as a tooltip in the form when we hover over that element.

Label Required: We check this property if we do not want to show the title of that element in the form.

Primary: We check this property in the element when we want to make that element the initiator of the auto fetch.

Mandatory: We check this property if we want to make that element mandatory.

Option Type: This property will only be available in the Dropdown, Checkbox, and Radio Button, elements. We can add options by two methods, 1: Custom Method 2: Reference Method

  • Custom Method: After selecting the custom method a pop-up will open in which we write our options separated by a comma ", ".

  • Reference Method: After selecting the reference method a pop-up will open in which we first select the table and then select the column from which we want to get our options.

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