Manage access

Manage access is a process where we can identify, control, track, or audit specified user access to the system, application or any business website.

Managing Access provides the users with the right to use the services. Managing access is the primary for informational security or any IT data process used in granting access to the valid user. The managing access stored the different user roles and profiles.

Steps to be followed for Roles & Profile:

Click on Roles & Profile & click on Manage Access.

You will get list of the Users which are already added to the roles and profile.

Click on any user you want to select from the list.

1-Who wants manager access to.

(E.G. A has Manager Access to: Add user IDs).

2-Users who have Manager Access to account. Add User, and it will display on the screen.

(E.G. Users who have Manager Access to A account: Add user IDs).

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