Elements Introduction for the builder:

In the element section, all the features are listed on the left-hand side Drag the required component in the center place and edit its properties. Click on the edit element, and the properties list will be displayed on the right-hand side. Edit the properties as required.

  • Formula: A formula is a fact or rule written with a mathematical symbol or in a programming function. Where on the left side of the equation, we will write the element id of the element in which we want to show our formula's result, and on the right side of the equation, we will write the element id (or id's) of the element with mathematical symbols which depend on which type of operation we want to do on those elements.

  • For Example :

  • Suppose there are four elements in a form named:

1) First Name 2) Middle Name 3) Last Name 4)Full Name

We want to automatically join the values of First Name, Middle Name, and Last Named Values and Show/Display that value in the Full Name Element.

As we already know, every element we create will automatically generate a unique id; we call it the Reference id. Here suppose the reference ids are 1,2,3,4 of the features named First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Full Name, respectively.

"There are a few steps to set the Formula to any element". Here we will do the steps as per our example.

Steps to set Formula:

  • Step 1:

  • As mentioned above, we want to show the result of the formulas in the Full Name Element, so we will open the property section of this element and go to the formula section.

  • Step2 :

In the formula property section of the full name, we will write the Formula in the following manner:

Things to keep in mind while writing the Formula:

  • While writing the reference id of the element, we should use the "$" symbol as its prefix.

  • On the right side of the equation, give a single space before every $ symbol you write.

  • If the elements' values are of text type, write the element id in double courts " " and if the elements are of number type, write element id directly with a $ as a prefix.


In a mathematical way:

$4 = " $1" + " $2" + " $3"

Not Just an alphabetical formula can add but also can add numerical procedure. Refer to a procedure for the numerical part:

Sham is a student of ABC school, and we have checked all his papers, and we get marks for all subjects. Now, we want the total of all the subjects and the percentage.

Create a new form ‘Student Marks’ add elements give a subject name to each elements.

Edit that element in which you want to add formula. (Eg. Add formula in Grand Total & Add formula $5= $1 + $2+ $3 + $4).

In the main report, edit the form ‘student Marks’ and add marks manually in every subject, and it will give you a total and a percentage number.

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