On Load Query

It is a query in a pre-defined format that gives a value to the elements while rendering the UI (User Inter Base).

On load Query, which helps to bring the other page's information using a specific query.

Let’s assume that SVB college wants a list of a student who lives in Kalyan of 12th std and wants the number of students. There are two forms: 1- Student list & 2- Location. In the City; form report, we want information about that student who lives in Kalyan.

In the report, create a new form & Add elements & edit the elements. (Eg- Location, Standard etc.) and add information.

In the FORM REPORT, select the form; after choosing the form, you will get the report lists in the tabular format.

Click on 'EDIT' of the element, and on the right side, the properties box will be displayed in the box add 'ON LOAD QUERY' (E.g., 3re = select [List Of Students] from [College List_data] where [Location] = 'Kalyan') & Save.

In the (selected) form report, the detailed data, i.e., who lives in Kalyan from 12th std, will be displayed.

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