The organization plays an important part in creating any type of your page. The user is required to log in and sign in to the website. They provide benefits to its member, which includes a special report, newsletters, PDFs, Images related to the website, online courses, and special memberships.

Here are a few steps which should be followed while making an organization.


· On the right side of the window, you will see the profile. Just click on that, and four options will be displayed on the screen.

· Then, just click on the organization; it will redirect you to the new page.

Create organization:

· Click on create organization, and it will redirect you to the new page.

Fill in the details:

· On the new page, click on the plus sign (+) sign.

· You need to fill in the details of the organization which you want to create and click on OK.

After filling in all the details, click on My Organization, and your organization is created. Search your organization and edit as per your requirement..

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